This is something I made for Santacore. Maybe you’ll see it there someday but in the meantime it may be handy.


Below are a series of tables  If the PCs are in a specific part of the city, simply locate the most appropriate table. Otherwise, roll randomly.


There are in 1d8 Wards in this unnamed city.

1          Artist’s Ward

2          Administration Center

3          Craftsmen Ward

4          Flesh Ward

5          Marketplace

6          Palace

7          Slums

8          Temple district

Once you have a found your ward, roll 1d20. If  you roll it once, you have a pre-generated character, or at least the sketch of one. But you can roll up to 4 more times to further customize. 20 characters in 8 different wards.

Of course few people stay in one place all day long so you roll on any table for any part of the city.  It’s just that the Wards  are where they are most likely to be found; where they reside during the day and where they sleep at night.

Player names are aimed to be fairly gender neutral but if something sounds female or male to your ears it probably is that.

For brevity’s and sanity’s sake, Stats are only listed when they are high or low enough to earn a modifier.

Of course some, perhaps many, of the traits may never be discovered. All NPCs are considered to be level 0 and human by default.


1 Artist’s Ward          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Galt Str +1 Performance Artist tall, very small feet loves seafood  
2 Isaac Dex +1 Bard short and stocky being blackmailed  
3 Shiptu Cha +1 Satirists ginger loves redheads  
4 Ibi —— Puppet maker ruddy complexion drinks too much tea  
5 Ashayt Int +1, Wis +1 Alchemist big nose doesn’t like poems  
6 Tia Wis +1 Apprentice strong jaw is a terrible writer  
7 Brand Wis -1 Noble Patron often goes naked dead broke  
8 Osk Str -2 Astrologer wears elaborate hat flies into violent rages  
9 Asta Wis -2 Flower seller wears stylish cape missing genitalia  
10 Birna Cha -2 Poet emo carrying the plague  
11 Dagi —— Writer deformed has a snake’s tongue  
12 Hasan Cha- 1 Sketcher Strangely friendly 3 nipples  
13 Michel Int -2 Painter Short and fat allergic to milk  
14 Finna Int +1 Comic Huge and fat will not use profanity ever  
15 Sheba Cha -1 Critic beautiful has already died three times  
16 Darius Dex +1 Cha -1 Wis -1 Lunatic Scars all over hands addicted to purple lotus  
17 Zakutu Int -1 Revolutionary deep voice wants children  
18 Bram —— Shield Painter One-eyed carries an enchanted silver dagger  
19 Naqia Dex +2 Sculpture Artist handsome eats whole tubs of honey  
20 Lublamai Cha +1, Dex +1 Inventor Bald terrified of moths  
2 Administration Center          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable
1 Claudius Int +2, Cha +1 Reeve expensive clothes loves their dog  
2 Khandan Cha +2 Constable haughty expression always smiling  
3 Varro Cha -1 Advocate long dark hair nicknamed “the proud”  
4 Titus Int -1, Wis -1 Banker blond spiky hair completely bald  
5 Jopin —— Geographer missing teeth doesn’t believe in bananas  
6 Golnar Cha +1 Flower seller pretty carries unexpected treasure on themselves  
7 Rufus Cha +1, Int +1 Scrivener oddly pretty generous to a fault  
8 Gyrd Str -1 Cartographer always frowning allergic to blood  
9 Zuste Con -1 Scribe big beard / big boobs nicknamed “the sharp  
10 Heydar Str -2 Judge wears a small tiara strong perfume  
11 Julian Con +1 Keeper of Rolls only wears silk will do anything to avenge those who have wronged them  
12 Sharam Wis +1 Hayward owns a white cart likes to play harmless pranks  
13 Parsa —— Chamberlain ink-smudged fingers has to power to CURSE  
14 Darya Dex +1, Cha +1 Keeper of the Privy Seal sea-green eyes Is a terrific singer  
15 Farah Str +1 High Martial bushy eyebrows Very hairy person  
16 Golshan Dex -1 Lord Admiral runny nose contradicts anything PCs say  
17 Zilla Con -1, Str -1 Secretary pot-bellied lies about everything  
18 Nastar Wis -1, Cha -1 Steward has a mullet former pit fighter  
19 Karim —— Sheriff generous smile will promise anything to get PCs money  
20 K’rt Koobane Cha +2, Wis -3 Bard Long dirty blonde hair Sexually Attracted to Harpies  
3 Craftsmen Ward          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Dassen Dex +1 Fletcher has a prominent mole will die tomorrow and doesn’t know it  
2 Geon —— Cooper dark complexion repeats everything you say; utterly unhelpful  
3 Bink Dex +1 Cha +1 Architect always dusty has a house full of dangerous beasts  
4 Fwisk Cha +2 Armorer wears 2 belts best friend is a monster  
5 Marduke —— Clockmaker carries a sword only drinks the freshest well water  
6 Woan Cha -2 Chandler burn scars on hands has a geas of hospitality  
7 Boab Wis -1, Dex +1 Weaver mohawk Is a ruthless conman  
8 Guyull Dex +2 Girdler long hair (and goatee) has mafia connections  
9 Laine Wis -2 Butcher always looks sad addicted to cashews  
10 Turgen Dex +1 Cha +2 Furrier missing a hand kleptomaniac  
11 Elai Cha-1 Cobbler old never tells a lie  
12 Etarr Wis +1 Carpenter tan walks in their sleep  
13 Divkan Wis +2 Blacksmith very strong takes everything literally  
14 Dyldra Dex -2 Jeweler very plain looking very nationalistic  
15 Roald Str +2 Cutler spooky looking smells like boiled cabbage  
16 Evaldo Idra Dex +2 Cha +2 Goldsmith wears many bracelets stingy  
17 Duhran Cha +1 Bookbinder no teeth at all hits on everyone, of all genders.  
18 Celace Dex -1 Cha -1 Bell maker quite ugly always carries a halberd  
19 Quillsey Dex -1 Glazier walks with limp deaf  
20 Yax —— Brick layer pale sneezes uncontrollably around horses  
4 Flesh Market          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Egar Cha -1 Slaver looks foxy is really a succubus  
2 Coren Cha +1 Midwife grey hair has three cats  
3 Durlish Str +1, Con +1 Bounty Hunter well-muscled very cool tattoos  
4 Moolsh —— Erotic Dancer covers their face Frightened of brunettes  
5 Herlu Cha -1 “Flower” seller deep voice speaks and laughs very loudly  
6 Zorin Wis -1, Str +1 Footpad slobbers when speaks blind  
7 Thorn Cha +2 Slave – sexual deep brown eyes Will not disclose any personal details  
8 Pantang Str +2 Slave – labor kind of looks like a sparrow coughs blood  
9 Lakreet Dex -1 Wis +2 Noblewomen never smiles only speaks in whispers  
10 Caine Cha-1 Brothel Keeper good posture, commanding gaze wears veil with a yellow stripe  
11 Gerard Wis +1 Yeoman looks righteous meows like a cat when experiencing great pleasure  
12 Katla Barelegs —— Foreigner big monkey ears nicknamed “the peacock”  
13 Igraine Dex -2 Money Lender blue eyes sells contraceptives, love potions and other paraphernalia  
14 Lemuel Str +2 Bookie thin mustache knows 3 healing spells  
15 Oola Dex +2 Cha +2 Mercenary raven haired makes perverted jokes at every opportunity  
16 Rednick Cha +1 Short hairy miner speaks in monotone hates animals  
17 Savaan Dex -1 Cha -1 Slave – pregnant women noticeably large genitilia a nudist  
18 Quothe Dex -1 Tavern keeper high voice will befriend anyone wearing purple  
19 Panordok —— Caravan guard very nice shoes is really a were-rat  
20 Pug Cha +1, Int +2 Doctor hair down to bum in love with a sailor who visits once a year  
5 Marketplace          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Vera Dex +1 Cha -1 Camel Trader round face is a big fat asshole  
2 Zlata Cha +1 Charcoal Importer high forehead covered in dirt and feces but surprisingly smells like roses  
3 Vesna Con +1, Str +1 Metals Exporter covers mouth when speaking excellent archer  
4 Siegfried —— Saddles/Tack Trader aloof and reserved will not harm chickens  
5 Rada Cha-1 Corn speculator craggy features repeatedly tells the same story about a sexual experience  
6 Gustavus Wis +1 Wool importer elegant wardrobe honest but shifty-eyed  
7 Luka Con +2 Tomato importer thick curly hair terrified of wolverines  
8 Lech Dex -2 Grain merchant chocolate brown skin just wants to get high  
9 Vuk Str +2 Fishmonger short and curvy has a collection of pipes  
10 Casimir —— Sunset hunter hooked nose tells very long, rambling stories  
11 Goran Dex -1, Cha +1 Cloud rider Only wears blue has an airship  
12 Lasota Str +1 Con +1 Dex +1 Oynter athletic build thinks the word “equipment” means “I love you”  
13 Blythe Con +1, Str +1 Quinoa farmer Very tan nicknamed “the unlucky”  
14 Jagoda —— Sage droopy eyes always invites PCs back to eat dinner with the family  
15 Falibor Int -1, Str +2 Wood Seller skin as dark as midnight compulsive haggler  
16 Czedrog Wis +1 Herbalist ruddy features addicted to dangerous drug  
17 Milogost Wis +1 Drover struts like a cat is super talented and super modest  
18 Yaroslav Dex +1 Seamstress too large hazel eyes wears an ornate codpiece  
19 Rameriz Dex +1, Cha -1 Baker wears a stained apron hates trolls SO much  
20 Connor Con +1, Wis -1 Tobacco Merchant stern faced will buy forbidden ingredients  
6 Palace          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Egil Int +1 Envoy curly red hair is the fairest of them all  
2 Grettir —— Tourists chubby and small collects magic beans  
3 Njal Int +2, Str -1 Town Guard Completely arrogant born with an extra arm  
4 Gunnar Int +2 Noble Socialite wears a winged helmet nicknamed “the mighty”  
5 Otkell Int +1, Wis -1 Doctor brawny and fearsome challenges people to duels on the slightest provocation  
6 Havel Int +1, Wis -1 Royal Bodyguard speaks with elaborate metaphors hobby is making armor  
7 Moror Int +1, Cha -1 Comptroller tallest person in the city goal is to sleep with someone of every race  
8 Valgar Int +2 Knight Errant Acerbic wit secretly writes long and flowery poetry  
9 Kari Int +1 Menagerie Keeper only wears casual clothes at court never spotted during full moons  
10 Hakon Str -1 Chief Precursor so skinny though! hides a very dark secret  
11 Flosi Int +2 Builder of Obelisks forehead scar speaks with birds  
12 Aki Int +1 Librarian high cheekbones knows where buried treasure is  
13 Gerrid Int +1, Wis -1 Tumblers  a lean, charming face is so ticklish they will pee themselves if tickled  
14 Jofrid Int +1, Con -1 Gardener very old a spy for another kingdom  
15 Osk Int +1, Str -1 Acrobat moves with dancer’s grace owns a magic mirror  
16 Yasden —— Flower seller lips are very red Nicknamed “the Spider King”  
17 Thora Int +1 Minstrel purple hair speaks sibilants s’s  
18 Rondar VIII —— Servant has bangs/a fringe obsessed with local royalty  
19 Kahan Int +1 Queen too young only seen at night.  
20 Varin Int +2 Paladin gloomy face Carries a flask of Eternal Youth  
7 Slums          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Slinoor Cha -1 Drunk very large feet eats insects  
2 Thilk Dex +1 Pirate androgynous picks nose  
3 Rhea the Filthy Str +1 Footpad almond skinned sleeps in the compost  
4 Prolr —— Rascal wears rags and covered in rashes smells of fish  
5 Vinrug Dex -1, Con -1 Whore olive skinned talks to birds  
6 Grinning Wes Dex +1 Junkie plucked eyebrows worships Elder Being  
7 Miriam Blackjack Cha -1 Prostitute has a large afro killed their mother last week  
8 Foolish Shairly Dex -1, Str -1 Ragamuffin neck-length grey hair collects shells  
9 Ash Grimm Str +1 Rat catcher very large hands tinkerer/can build almost anything  
10 “Knuckles” Dex -1, Str -1 Cutpurse greenish bloodshot eyes secret royal  
11 Fast Fingered Chaz Dex +1 Boothaler Dreadlocks will try to pickpocket PCs  
12 Geth the Unwashed —— N’r-do-well bushy eyebrows likes to stab things with sharp knife  
13 Dark Star —— Street Urchin buck toothed can smell upcoming danger  
14 Ari Str +1 Brigand stubble faced is thinking about killing themselves  
15 Amundi the Fat Con -1, Str -1 Thimblerigger huge nose melon fucker  
16 Stravas the Tall Cha -1 Leper cauliflower ears Into necrophilia  
17 Ivlis Dex -1, Str -1 Scamp silky yellow hair Is secretly the leading FENCE for the underworld  
18 Bersi Flatnose Str +1 Rogue tall and leggy has crabs  
19 Tork the Coward Dex +1 Thief wild vacant eyes will do anything for love (but not that)  
20 Terhali Cha -1 “Specialist” wild frizzy hair sexually attracted to pigs  
8 Temple District          
  Who Stats What Appearance Notable  
1 Morren Zorander Wis +2 Nun sharp features loves mushrooms  
2 Arthur Murik Wis +1, Str -1 Monk stern and disproving can tell the future but takes a WIS check to believe them  
3 Tack Krauss Wis +1 Ranger hollow cheeked and sunken eyed alcoholic  
4 Demien Grimsbane Str -1 Prophet bald as an eagle knows they are just imaginary characters in a game  
5 Wendell Morgan Wis +1, Int +1 Cultist wears a sombrero lights things on fire  
6 Norrix the Knave Wis +2 Flower seller luxurious wavy hair keeps pet roaches  
7 Ophelia Fade Wis +1 Zealot arms are covered in runes walks rats on a leash  
8 Ilta the Slender Str -1 Pagan swirling facial tattoos Annoyingly Pious  
9 Sable Wis +2 Heretic wears a very cool vest poisoning water supply  
10 Xoxo the Pure Cha -1 Divine avatar tall and lean, carries a staff can fly, or thinks so  
11 Ayda the Wise —— Druid completely average has been faking orgasms  
12 Senka the Sage Wis +2 Palmer waste length yellow hair neat freak  
13 Zul Highmore Str -1 Pilgrim wardrobe is severe and practical spends too much on clothes  
14 Geth Longnose Wis -1 Cleric always wears a long cloak eats too much  
15 Storstay the Generous Con +1 Brewer monobrow obsessed with latest music  
16 Aslak Wis +1 Abbot wears a black frock only humps bards  
17 Behat the Liar Con +1, Dex +1, Wis +1 Zen Monk weak chin favorite color is pink  
18 Yrsa the Lean Str -1 Witchsmeller plain clothes but ostentatious belt tends to space out mid-sentence  
19 Holm Wis +1 Ostiary small hands likes trolling other creeds  
20 Snufkin —— Wanderer wears green robes, sun hat just a cool person  


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