Sneak Peak: A Different Kind of Bestiary

We have our hands in a lot of little pies here at Knight Owl Games. We’re pecking away at remastering our Pulp Adventures, we’re finishing up work on a heavy metal OSR adventure, and we’re developing a mini-Bestiary called Monsterarium.

Monsterarium will be illustrated by Nahid Taheri, an Iranian artist who incorporates some traditional Persian creatures in this book as well her own takes on traditional monsters.

I’m pretty bad at meeting arbitrarily established deadlines but I feel confident to say that this will be out this year–maybe even this month (October 2017.)

monstererium cover legit

Cord LegFor instance, this is Cord Leg, a monster of Persian lore that if shown kindness will MESS YOU UP.

The TrollAnd this is just a wistful troll, hating the dark and wishing life had gone differently for her. We can probably all emphasize with that, eh?


There will be something like 30 creatures in the book, all handpainted. Look for it soon!


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