What’s Your Sign?

  New from Knight Owl Games, a FREE 2 page supplement that adds 12 signs (48 new options) to character creation. Choose from the sturdy Sloth, the mighty Narwhal, the dexterous Lemur, the magnetic Will-o’-the-Wisp and more!

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RPG Blogger and gamer Justin Stewart has a new Review for Meatlandia.  It’s great at identifying what we were going for and also rightly critical about areas of improvement.  “There are three, count ’em, three distinct species of bards, and somehow none of them are lame.” is my favorite quote.  (Because I wanted to write […]

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This is something I made for Santacore. Maybe you’ll see it there someday but in the meantime it may be handy.   Below are a series of tables  If the PCs are in a specific part of the city, simply locate the most appropriate table. Otherwise, roll randomly. There are in 1d8 Wards in this […]