Saturday June 17th is the 10th annual FREE RPG DAY. We will have an offering available, one that has already been described as “probably the least useful game accessory ever.” And that was by us, while we were making it. Bet you can’t wait!

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New Adventure!

Wind Lothamer is at again. He’s created a starting adventure with all the tropes of classic RPGs but built with a modern sensibility. Finding the right starting adventure can be difficult and this was custom created to ease new players into the game, while still providing challenges to more experienced players too. Or take it […]

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OSR Class: Heliothra

Grab the pdf here.   Another in the series of classes for the OSR thread on G+. (As you may remember, last time  we all created some kind of Werewolf Hunter.) The challenge this week was fairly vague: Infiltrator. I thought I’d mix it up and go with a creature of light. The name comes from […]

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OSR Class : Lycan’s Bane

Lycan’s Bane: a LotFP class for G+ Grab the pdf here HD: 2d4 Saves as Specialist A Lycan’s Bane begins fully confident, powerful, and well-prepared. They’ve trained since childhood and are invariably eager to put their skills to the test. However, the more experience a Lycan’s Bane gets, the more aware they become of the […]

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What’s Your Sign?

  New from Knight Owl Games, a FREE 2 page supplement that adds 12 signs (48 new options) to character creation. Choose from the sturdy Sloth, the mighty Narwhal, the dexterous Lemur, the magnetic Will-o’-the-Wisp and more!

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